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Use cases

Mindmesh is a versatile toolbox to solve a multitude of company needs

Knowledge base

✅ Produce and document knowledge the most efficient way possible, within your workflow and without hassle.

✅ Ensure important pieces of knowledge remain up to date.

✅ Organically document knowledge by backing up meaningful conversations from Slack.

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Team alignment & remote work

✅ Understand what colleagues are working on and make sure you're on the same page.

✅ Document critical work so it isn't lost for the rest of the team.

✅ Avoid redoing work that's already been done by searching everywhere first.

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Customer-facing teams

✅ Find whatever information you need to serve your customers, or whoever can provide it to you.

✅ Never leave your workflow : use the Chrome Extension to access Mindmesh from anywhere.

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Product & operations

✅ Document your processes, thoughts, conversations and specs on the fly. Make them easily available to your team. Kill repetitive questions.

✅ Organize and link pieces of information or conversations from multiple sources.

✅ Find information produced by other teams wherever it's located.

✅ Ensure what you're reading is fresh, quickly ask it's owner to check if it isn't.

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✅ Shorten the time for new hires to become productive.

✅ Offer them a central place to find information and learn about their colleagues.

✅ Kill repetitive questions from new hires, allow them to self-serve.

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