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Mindmesh lets product people stay on top of their daily work, and manage projects efficiently. 

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About us

Raffaele Colella
CEO & Co-Founder

Google Product Manager
Cannonball & MyBlend Co-founder (Apple best new app)
Fiat Business Development and M&A

Ulysse Mizrahi
CTO & Co-Founder

Dataiku (Employee #20)
(YC), Fitle (CTO)
Nextperf (acq. Rakuten)
École Polytechnique, U of Cambridge

Meet our team

Backed by awesome investors including... 

Edward Roberts

Prof. Edward Roberts
‍‍MIT Entrepreneurship Center Founder

Rich Miner

Rich Miner
Android Founder

Keith Coleman

Keith Coleman

‍‍VP of Product @ Twitter

Jeff Bonforte

Jeff Bonforte

‍‍CEO @ Grindr

Luke Benhke

Luke Behnke

‍‍VP of Product @Zendesk